Team Leader - Payments (Accounts Recievable)

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full time

Job Title: Assistant Manager, Payments

Location: Mumbai

Reports to: Manager-Client servicing

Works With:
Client Servicing Team
Marketing Team
Accounts Team
Relationship manager, Japan

Statement of purpose: (Objective)

This involves communicating with potential and existing clients over email to assist in their payments, sending timely invoices, identifying/matching payments and building relationship with clients.

Understand client requirements and solve payment related issues with the assistance of client servicing team and Japanese colleagues.

Pre-requisites/Key characteristics and skills required

The characteristics/skills that such a person will have to demonstrate are as follows:

Technical skills
- Knowledge of MS Word and PowerPoint
- Advanced knowledge of MS Excel
- Good typing speed
- Excellent written English skills

- Ability to work with numbers comfortably
- Ability to gain understanding of external systems related to payments
- Ability to multi-task without loosing focus
- Ability to prioritize tasks at hand based on clients urgency levels
- Ability to identify and sole potential issues/problem areas that clients may have
- Ability to suggest service or process improvements
- Ability to work independently and responsibly with minimum supervision
- Ability to plan projects and execute them within a strict deadline
- Ability to meet team as well as individual deadlines
- Ability to pre-empt certain concerning situation and take corrective actions beforehand
- Ability to research client history well and be well-informed
- Ability to understand client perspective related to payments and meeting all requests; in turn contributing to increase in client volume.

Soft skills

- Good communication skills
- Good attention to detail
- Good concentration and focus
- Good analytical skills
- Good planning and organizing skills
- Good time management and scheduling skills
- Good project management skills

Job characteristics (List of Duties or Tasks Performed)

In Japan, their payment procedures and documents are an import deciding factor while choosing a service. We follow unique payment procedures and documents to ensure our clients find it easy to use our service.

As a payments manager, you will be:

1. Communication
Responsible for communicating with international clients directly over email within the given response time. High importance given to quality and response time.

2. Invoicing
Generate and send timely invoices by email and post. Also meet specific requests regarding invoices and re-generate them as required.

3. Payment collection
Record and manage collection of payments through bank and credit card. Also follow-up for payments by sending reminders. Clear suspense accounts. Regularly update debtors lists and target zero bad debts.

4. Japanese orientation
Would be working in a small focused team with native Japanese colleagues. Required to understand Japanese business culture and their payment customs.

5. Relationship management
Responsible for building cordial relations with our clients/ accountants and external parties like Noguchi-san. Also be the company representative for external systems like credit card payment gateway and bank.

6. Inputs to marketing team
Enjoy high responsibility level and would create and execute payment related policies/strategies for the organization. Meet group and individual deadlines would be closely related and involved in some marketing activities as well.

Key responsibilities:

Responsibilities % time spent
1. Invoicing, Re-generation , postal invoicing, payment emails, Receipts, completion reports/ other payment documents 10%
2. Maintaining correct payment records of bank and credit card, Payment collection, payment matching, reminders, clearing suspense payments, bad debts and other projects to streamline payments 70%
3. Registrations, account information, potential registrations, records of support center, identify and solve potential process/client issues 10%
4.    Contribution towards service as well as process improvements and inputs to marketing team.    10%

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