Editor - Chemistry (Eagle)

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full Time

Job Title: Research Editor, Chemical Sciences and Chemical Engineering

Department: Editorial

Qualification: Bachelors/Masters in Chemistry/Chemical.

Job Description

Be an essential part of the most recent cutting-edge research in the fields of physical sciences and engineering that is setting the world ablaze! Come aboard to set sail the most inspiring to the most intimidating of scientific thought in world-famous peer-reviewed journals.

If you wish to be privy to pioneering ideas that will shape the face of current and future research in the fields of physical sciences and engineering and hone your English language editing skills, this is the job for you!

Calling all interested candidates who are passionately inclined towards research trends in the world of physical sciences and engineering and English editing as a profession and are keen on making a future in the dynamic and constantly progressing academic publishing industry. We offer deserving candidates a platform to learn the know-how of scholarly publishing, edit academic papers across varied topics pertaining to physical sciences and engineering, and work in a multi-cultural environment with people from diverse nations such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Brazil and Turkey and diverse fields including medicine, biosciences, humanities, economics, and engineering.

We offer you a platform that boasts an excellent brand name, top-notch visibility in the academic publishing industry, and an opportunity to learn as you work and grow with us professionally.

Come, be part of an organization that believes in constant employee engagement, professional growth, and superlative appreciation for the deserving candidates.

Key Responsibility Designation: Research Editor Skills required:

 Good subject area knowledge and the curiosity to delve deeper into existing and upcoming concepts in the fields of physical sciences and engineering.

 Excellent English language skills and grammar concepts, and the ability to identify and rectify punctuation errors.

Candidates with prior editorial experience will be preferred.


An error-free publication to meet international standards of publication and catering to the defined target audience: the author(s), the publisher, and the readers.

The editor acts as the author’s second pair of eyes, rectifying punctuation errors and document-specific inconsistencies; loopholes or infelicities of grammar, usage, and syntax; and errors or inconsistencies in content. The purpose is to provide a document devoid of any language and grammar errors that put the meaning across in lucid language.

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