Tech Lead (For Webdev team; 4+ years of strong web-dev exp)

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full Time

As a Tech Lead you will actively lead a team of young talented web developers and oversee end to end delivery along with Technical Project Manager(TPM). You will assist TPM with hiring and training the team.

  1. Excellent research skills to frame technical solutions for complex business problems.
  2. You have experience with unit and integration testing. You believe in and encourage extensive test coverage and seek to automate testing whenever possible.
  3. You will be responsible for designing and conducting high-quality code-review process and maintain highly performant, testable code with following strong software design patterns.
  4. You show remarkable foresight in designing optimized scalable solutions.
  5. You enjoy breaking down complex problems into small tasks and PRs to deliver value safely and incrementally.
  6. You will be actively reviewing approaches created by tech team and help them to find the optimal solutions to the problems.
  7. You take pride in estimating project efforts with reasonable accuracy and ensure healthy communication up and down the chain of command.
  8. You will work with the TPM and other senior developers to optimize, update, and maintain cloud infrastrucuture and associated cost (AWS).
  9. You are very well aquainted with best practices around project deployment and educate team about the same.
  10. You will be helping the TPM in evaluating the tech team performance (KPI).
  11. You will be helping the TPM in hiring proces making sure that we have a great tech team that has: (a) high level of curiosity, (b) resourcefulness, (c) solid expertise level, (d) high attention-to-details, (e) superb commitment and reliability, and (f) obsession for amazing user experience.


  1. You have proven 3+ years of Tech Lead or Senior Software Engineer (fullstack or backend) experience working with backend technologies including relational (Postgres/MySQL) and document (MongoDB) databases, Docker & Orchestration, CI/CD, Node.js.
  2. You have strong experience working with AWS technologies like Lambda functions, SQS, SNS, RDS, DynamoDB etc.
  3. You have good understanding of HTML, CSS, CSS processors, CSS framework.
  4. You have extensive experience of front-end JS framework (eg. Vue.js / React.js)
  5. You are well aware of best practices around developer tooling and workflows.
  6. You consider testing, monitoring, and observability first-order priorities. Until your code runs in production and returns the results and metrics you expect, you know your work isn't complete.
  7. You are energized by working in a highly collaborative environment at a user experience obsessed startup. You see software engineering as a team sport and like collaborating with fellow engineers, product managers, and others to deliver customer value.
  8. Added advantage: Elasticsearch sever cluster optimization; Apache Spark; Redis/memcache; Kafka/RabbitMQ

About the Company:

At Trinka AI(, we are building a world-class product to help millions of students, academics, researchers, and professionals to write better. Trinka is just a year old and is well on its course to rival the likes of Grammarly. Within a year of launch, Trinka has already garnered 110,000 users worldwide., named after a team member, has been developed by a team of linguists, engineers, and data scientists with a deep desire to create a future with barrier-free communication. The team has a history of charting unexplored territories and believes in building what would be of real value to the users.

Trinka AI is powered by Enago and is part of the Crimson Interactive Group, a multi-national company with 15 years of global experience. Crimson has a presence in 120+ countries with 200k+ clients, 600 employees, 5000 contractors, and 10 international offices located in Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, New Jersey, London, etc.

At Trinka, we believe in "doing stuff never done before" and build a product that is going to be used by millions of researchers/scientists and professionals world-wide. 

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