Project Management Lead

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full time

Designation: Project Management Lead

Location: Goregaon West, Mumbai


Roles & Responsibilities include:

  • Managing change & transformation projects with different regional teams and developing strategies to implement these projects.
  • Implement an appropriate and effective project or programme management framework, incorporating necessary review processes as required
  • Define and implement criteria for control and management of the project
  • Negotiate and convert contracts as required by the project
  • Plans, directs, and co-ordinates the team’s activities to manage and implement project and/or interrelated projects from contract/proposal initiation to final operational stage.
  • Determines, monitors, and reviews all project economics to include costs, operational budgets, staffing requirements, resources, and risk.
  • Leads the project team in determining requirements and translating requirements into operational plans.
  • Identifies and assembles the appropriate blend of resources to meet project needs and requirements
  • Plans, schedules, monitors and reports on activities related to the project.
  • Develops project control and reporting procedures and manages changes in operational plan.
  • Undertakes status review meetings among project team members and clients.
  • Works with management on project proposals, bids, contracts, estimates, and schedules.
  • Coaches and advises team members to accomplish project goals, to meet established schedules, and resolve technical/operational issues.
  • Proactively influences customers to apply project-planning methodologies.
  • Ensures adherence to legally binding requirements.
  • Controls project requirements, scope, and change management issues.
  • Establishes appropriate metrics for measuring key project criteria.
  • Develops, proposes, and negotiates project proposals, quotations, and add-ons to leadership and the client.
  • Analyses needs and recommends appropriate planning concepts and tools to be used for all facets of planning, scheduling, and tracking projects.
  • Analyses project progress/costs and facilitate the development of recommended alternatives.
  • Integrates and uses Project Management methodologies.
  • Creates communication plans, ensuring that appropriate information is exchanged among key stakeholders.
  • Advises senior management on Project Management capability and risk.
  • Monitor daily operations and processes to identify gaps and area of improvement
  • Conceptualize strategies to drive operational efficiency
  • Identify leakages and drive initiatives to minimize them
  • Drive process improvement initiatives to maximize productivity and revenue generation
  • Creates strategy for Project Management unit in line with Organization strategy and drives it.
  • Works closely with Editing, Quality, and Client Servicing teams to be in sync as to what is expected from Project Management.
  • Plans and implements strategies related to deadline management of all stakeholders in the project cycle
  • Ensures minimum idle time for projects and an optimum lead/lag time at all stages
  • Plans and executes team training and development activities as per business and people requirement
  • Responsible for team hiring decisions and performance management of team members
  • Instills best practices in freelancer/vendor acquisition and management
  • Responsible for maintaining high quality benchmarks in all aspects of project management within the entire team

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