Sr. Manager - Client Servicing

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full Time

Job title: Sr. Manager-Client Servicing (Strategy building, multicultural team management, manage global customer service operations spread across 89 countries)

Department: Client Servicing


Works with: 

Operations Team of all three Business units

Project Management Team

Marketing team

Crimson Japan office (sales team)

Finance & Accounts

Senior Leadership

Information Technology


Key Responsibilities: 

Lead the Client Servicing team comprising 15-20 team members comprising 1-2 Assistant Managers/ Managers and around 12-15 senior/junior business associates from India & other regions.

Drive KPIs in the team and ensure that the KPIs are met.

Handle customer service operations for international clients spread across 89 countries

Ensure steady state customer service operations and strategize for effective team management and growth

Track and identify high value clients, build strong client relationship and contribute to service enhancements

Liaise with foreign employees within client servicing department and marketing department to ensure all customer escalations are handled in prompt and efficient fashion

Shoulder responsibility for maintaining open communication channel with team members and internal stakeholders

Lead all weekly/monthly client conference calls especially for B2B clientele related to overall productivity

Share all monthly reporting deliverables with senior management team for client servicing department


Unique Benefits: 


Dynamic work environment and the opportunity to work with individuals from varied academic and cultural backgrounds

Opportunity to work in a niche and fast progressing industry

Exposure to international markets (B2B/B2C) spread across all major continents

Opportunity to contribute in important organizational strategic decisions

Opportunity to participate in various internal leadership development programs

Opportunity to be deeply involved in overall people and talent management

Enjoy high responsibility level and involvement in creating and executing client servicing policies/strategies for the team and the organization


Must Haves: 

Ability and acumen

To multi-task without losing focus

Prioritize tasks at hand based on client’s urgency levels

Identify potential issues/problem areas that clients may have

Take quick action in adverse circumstances including technical glitches

Work independently and responsibly with minimum supervision

Pre-empt certain concerning situation and take corrective actions beforehand

Research client history well and be well-informed

Skills Required: 

Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)

Knowledge of MS Office

Comfortable working with Microsoft Outlook

Good technical solution finding skills

Ability to easily acclimatize to different cultural backgrounds

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