Project Manager- Ulatus

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full time

Job Title: Project Manager, PM Ulatus

Department: PM Ulatus

Reports to: Manager, PM Ulatus

Working hours:     Phase-1 - Shift timing: 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM

                               Phase-2 - Shift timing: 03:00 PM to 00:00 AM

                               Weekly off’s will be rotational



As a part of this role you will focus on driving, managing, leading and improving PM operations and processes within the team and Translation Operations Division as a whole. You will be primarily responsible in ensuring the objectives of effective management of cost, quality and time across all operational tasks by the team. You will drive the PM team to streamline, stabilize and upgrade the overall operations, processes and procedures and will be involved in all key decisions taken with regard to the same. You will be part of the key decision making for the formulation as well as implementation of the annual strategy of PM Ulatus. You will play key role in ensuring the organizational growth and operational scalability by putting in place effective systems and processes. You will be responsible to align the PM team to the organizational vision and be able to motivate and inspire the team towards self-growth and professional development.


Key Roles and Responsibilities

Definition:  It stands for the roles and responsibilities of the said position. This roles and responsibilities belong to both primary and secondary tasks which are elaborated in the subsequent sections.

Objective:  The main objective of this documentation is to provide the necessary information to the person who is holding this position pertaining to his/her roles & responsibilities (both primary and secondary).


Roles & Responsibilities:  The various roles & responsibilities (both Primary and Secondary) pertaining to this role are listed below.

Primary Responsibilities:

Communications Management:  Under the scope of this task, he/she is expected to ensure end-to-end and seamless management of all communications under the purview of PM team. Project managers spend 90% of their time in communications. Hence a significant portion of his/her time will be invested in ensuring that the team is driving communications in terms of transferring/sharing right information, to the right stakeholder, in right time and using right tools and techniques.  He/she will play a critical role in providing necessary feedback (both positive and developmental) to the concerned team member in a timely manner. He/she also needs to ensure this practice is followed diligently across the team.  He/she will be responsible to address all high-level and critical/major issues in a timely and desired manner. He/she should be able to work closely with various functional managers and departmental heads in this regard until further resolution.

Human Resource Management:  Under the scope of this task, he/she is highly expected to monitor and track team performance as well as perform periodic review of the same to fix any performance related issues. He/she also needs to ensure that both individual and team performance is on track with reference to the benchmark and provide crucial inputs to management whenever deemed necessary.

Cost Management: Under the scope of this task, he/she will be mainly responsible to ensure that all cost related tasks/activities are performed within the defined budget parameters. He/she will be responsible in timely tracking of cost & savings, providing justified approval for any special budget breach cases and seek for the possibility of revising budget parameters whenever and wherever is required.

Risk Management: Under the scope of this task, he/she is expected to manage the PM auditor and to ensure that the auditor acts as an unbiased auditor who takes care of checking and tracking of all related tasks. He/she should be able to ensure that the auditor builds a fail-safe audit environment to minimize misses and errors and eventually build an error free working platform as well as processes. He/she should revisit all the processes and protocols and should be able to suggest the necessary amendments to mitigate risks and errors.

Procurement: Under the scope of this task, he/she will be responsible to drive the PM SPOC who will be responsible in defining all processes & protocols, streamlining & improving the existing processes & protocols and preparing & storing formal documentations for each and every processes and protocols.

Quality Management: Under the scope of this task, he/she is highly expected to ensure that all PM operations are handled under a standard and specific quality benchmark and to ensure the strict adherence to the same by the team.

Time Management: Under the scope of this task, he/she is highly expected to ensure that all PM assignment is being processed in accordance with the client deadline. He/she will monitor the scheduling for critical project and will be responsible for correcting any deviation in the said schedule.

Stakeholder Management: Under the scope of this task, he/she will be responsible to build, nurture and maintain strong and healthy professional relationship with all relevant internal and external stakeholders, especially with different functional managers, team leads, team managers and departmental heads.

L&D/Training Management: Under the scope of this task, he/she will be responsible in identifying training and learning needs of the team members and accordingly plan and drive the senior team members/trainers to conduct necessary training & workshops with the target team members for further development. He/she is expected to ensure that all team members’ growth and development is on track in terms of various necessary and relevant skills.

Pre-requisites/Key characteristics and skills required

•             Graduation in stream

•             Communication skills

•             Minimum 5 + years of experience in client servicing, Project Management, Back office

•             Decision making skills

•             Email writing skills

•             High attention to detail

•             Quality conscious

•             Deadline conscious

•             Analytical skills

•             Organization and planning skills

•             Ability to multitask

•             Ability to handle pressure, and work within deadlines

•             Ability to prioritize tasks according to urgency and impact

•             Effective follow-up mechanisms

•             Proficiency in MS Word and Excel

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