Lead Collections

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full Time

This involves communicating with potential and existing clients over email to assist in their payments, sending timely invoices, identifying/matching payments, and building relationships with clients.

Understand client requirements and solve payment related issues with the assistance of the client servicing team and Japanese colleagues.

Pre-requisites/Key characteristics and skills required:-

The characteristics/skills that such a person will have to demonstrate are as follows:

Technical skills

  • Knowledge of MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Excel
  • Good typing speed
  • Excellent written English skills


  • Ability to work with numbers comfortably
  • Ability to gain an understanding of external systems related to payments
  • Ability to multi-task without losing focus
  • Ability to prioritize tasks at hand based on the client’s urgency levels
  • Ability to identify and solve potential issues/problem areas that clients may have
  • Ability to suggest service or process improvements
  • Ability to work independently and responsibly with minimum supervision
  • Ability to plan projects and execute them within a strict deadline
  • Ability to meet the team as well as individual deadlines
  • Ability to pre-empt certain concerning the situation and take corrective actions beforehand
  • Ability to research client history well and be well-informed
  • Ability to understand client perspective related to payments and meeting all requests; in turn contributing to an increase in client volume. 

Soft skills 

  • Good communication skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • Good concentration and focus
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good planning and organizing skills
  • Good time management and scheduling skills
  • Good project management skills


    Mention if Mandatory / Desirable

    Experience of minimum 5-6 years in Account Receivable / Collection


    Team Management experience of 2 years minimum


    Microsoft Excel skills such as vlookup, sumif, index, and other formulae


    Go-Getter and can handle things independently


    Good Academic & very good with numbers/calculation (minimum 1st class)


Job characteristics (List of Duties or Tasks Performed)


In Japan, their payment procedures and documents are important deciding factors while choosing a service. We follow unique payment procedures and documents to ensure our clients find it easy to use our service.


As an Assistant Manager, you need to be:



Responsible for managing email communication regarding payments - externally with clients and internally within the organization. Responsible for maintaining open communication channels with team members and internal stakeholders.


Payment collection

Experience in collection-related activities. Record and manage the collection of payments through bank and credit cards. Also follow-up for payments by sending reminders. Clear suspense accounts. Regularly update the debtor’s lists and target zero bad debts.


Team management

Experience in managing the team of the span of around 3-4 people. Manage a team that takes care of client communication for payment related queries, collections, account receivables.

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