Business Associate - Data Mining and Administration Coordinator

Beijing, Beijing   |   Full Time


A list of 6 – 8 statements identifying the principal outputs required of the job, which integrate to achieve the purpose of the job.

1. General administrative support to GM with everything and anything related to office administration, including reception and setting up appointments/meetings

2. Getting data of key high value potential client contacts through data mining

3. Setting up appointments with key high value potential client contacts as assigned

4. Assist CIC author workshops activities along with other CIC involvement

5. Coordination for the financial, payroll and HR activities, management of office facilities. Liaising with external support services (including CIIC Finance and HR & Payroll, Lease and Property management, Facilities, Internet and Telecommunications) to ensure the working environment is safe and conducive to work.


  • The outputs that this job must achieve over the next 6 – 12 months, which correlate to the accountabilities.
  • Ensure all internal and external meetings/appointments well set up and the attendance of related stakeholders well informed with scene setup, and minutes well be kept and circulated in case of need.
  • Through online searching to obtain key high value potential client contacts, usually chair professor’s/group leaders at top universities and CAS institutes, plus conference participants lists, and keep in align with company standard format for use.
  • Ensure all assigned task of appointments setting get well done
  • Ensure excellent coordination with HQ and among CIC on promotion materials, webpage, QR code and sales code creation; ensure good communications and coordination with hosting institutions to secure CIC author workshops get best done and attractive and fruitful
  • CIC office is well maintained, providing a safe and efficient environment.
  • Office equipment is maintained, repaired, hired, and disposed of as appropriate.
  • The office runs smoothly and provides the necessary environment for staff to complete their duties.


  • What skills, qualifications, and experience are necessary for full and effective performance?
  • Average verbal and written communication skills in English and good Mandarin
  • Office management and administration experience
  • Experience of working for a foreign-owned enterprise in China
  • (Knowledge of financial, employment, and office management regulations in Beijing)
  • Educated to degree level.

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