Junior Quality Analyst - Publication Support

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full Time



Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive - An ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certified company, world’s leading language solutions provider, and a trusted name in the STM industry. Enago primarily deals with English Editing and Publication Support services for ESL authors from 125 countries. It is one of the largest English Editing teams in the world and is the recommended English Editing partner for over 1700+ international journals.


The Publication Support (PS) team helps authors improve their chances of publication in International English journals, through a wide variety of pre-acceptance and post-publication services. They offer stepwise guidance and support to the authors, from journal selection to manuscript publication.


  • The Quality Analyst (QA) is part of the Quality Management team. He/She focuses on pre-delivery quality assessments and corrections of our products before they are delivered to the client. He/She plays a critical role in meeting customer expectations and service benchmarks.
  • On a typical day, the QA is involved in reviewing a set of services that are completed by the experts and assesses the quality of the work against pre-defined benchmarks and checklists. He/She coordinates with internal/external stakeholders in correcting any gaps and ensuring the final product meets the standards defined for delivery.
  • On other days, you will use your experience and observations on common errors to help develop training and performance improvement programs and will deliver it to our team of experts from around the globe.


  • Love for reading – Yes, since you’ll typically spend a large portion of your day reading unpublished research and assessing what PhDs and editors have written and delivered, it’s only obvious that you must like reading, and more importantly, love to know what is happening all around the world through research.
  • High attention to detail – Given the nature of work, high level of attention to detail is what will help you excel in your work.
  • Good Communication Skills – You will need to interact with a lot of people. Typically, at 5 stakeholders and some of them from the other side of the globe. Good communication skills will help you express your thoughts clearly, get your work done faster and better and ensure we deliver the best to our customers.
  • Logical and Analytical Thought process – There’s a checklist for almost everything we assess, but sometimes quality, rather – the right or the wrong is about common sense, and the ability to decide what’s best to do after understanding all pros and cons and you’ll need to use your decision-making abilities to arrive at the best next step.
  • Microsoft Office – You would be using this a lot. Especially MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Publishing Experience – This is preferred, but not compulsory. If you have been a researcher yourself, or have been involved in authoring/co-author research papers, have an understanding of the STM industry, you sure are in an advantageous position.
  • Planning, Organization and Project Management – You’d always be working on more than 5 projects every day, and sometimes choosing between which one to do first. Your ability to prioritize and execute your plan will come

Qualification: PhD/Masters in Lifescience subjects. 

Company website: https://www.crimsoni.com/

Interested candidate email to joinus@crimsoni.com

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