Account Manager

Beijing, Beijing   |   Full Time

The role holder will be working under the company’s and growth (B2B | B2C) specific strategy and responsible for maintaining and driving business growth (repeat orders) from existing key B2B account and high-value B2C clients, the account manager will not only drive growth of existing high-value allocated B2B accounts but also high-value B2C customers via deeper engagements. The account manager has to ensure that the company has a leading position against competitors and improve whatever needed; regular B2B & B2C performance tracking, regular reporting generation and circulation to teams and management as per outlined role KPI. The account manager will also extend strong support to the sales team and liaising with CS and related teams ensure all allocated high-value B2B accounts growth activities get fully supported/executed; regular contacts with clients, including via telephone, emails, and proactively get involved in overall performance-driven activities especially repeat orders and referrals.

A list of 6 – 8 statements identifying the principal outputs required of the job, which integrate to achieve the purpose of the job.

1. Responsible for maintaining and development of allocated key account and high-end clients - B2B & B2C, via repeat orders, identifying any possible B2B opportunity from existing / new B2C customers and diligently passing the relevant details to Sr Manager-Sales / Head-Customer Service. Identify client requests and provide proper solution.

1. 负责所分配的大客户和高价值客户(B2B和B2C)的维护和发展;


2. Responsible for design and implementation plan for key accounts, coordinate teams to ensure business growth as defined role KPI’s.


3. Maintain strong relationship with allocated existing high-value B2B account and high-value B2C clients and establish long-term stable relations of cooperation and boosting referrals from existing client; feedback on performance and any challenges as well as actions to be taken

3. 与已合作的高价值B2B客户和B2C客户保持良好的关系,建立长期稳定的合作关系,并促进现有客户的推荐使用率;对工作中的面临挑战和业绩表现进行及时反馈。

4. Support sales team to identify new potential B2B clients via B2C channel.


5. Understand the industry dynamic, follow-up customer activities on time, business development, information collection and analysis to establish optimal customer satisfaction.


6. Regular contacts with clients, including telephone, emails, and proactively get involved in webinar, workshop and any other sales & marketing activities.


7. Achieve the assigned performance target for B2B & B2C client growth.


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