Senior Software Development Engineer - JS Fullstack (SDE-2)

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full Time

As a Senior Software Development Engineer - SDE-II (full-time) you will be working on highly challenging frontend projects with considerable responsibility of backend design and implementation. You are expected to have minimum of 3 years of strong frontend experience (preferably Vue.js) and minimum of 2 years of strong backend experience (Node.js).


You are expected to excel in the following

  1. On a typical day, you may build a feature, collaborate on a design, architect a solution, break down an epic, estimate deadlines for the projects, tune a data pipeline, plan a technology migration, help diagnose a customer issue, drive consensus on a new practice, or collaborate with another engineer.
  2. You will be responsible for writing highly performant, testable code with following strong software design patterns.
  3. You will help in maintaining the quality of product and codebase by actively participating in code-review processes.
  4. Review approaches created by your peers and juniors and collaborate with them to find the optimal solutions to the problems.
  5. Our engineers are involved in all development stages, with an eye toward rapid, agile iteration. Youll collaborate with other engineers to develop new capabilities in our platform.
  6. You will be working with some junior developers to execute end to end features/projects.
  7. You will also participate in the process of hiring junior members for the team.

About you

  1. You have 3+ years of experience working with Node/JavaScript/TypeScript environment
  2. You have work with AWS Technologies like RDS, Lambda functions, Cloudfront, EC2, SQS, SNS etc.
  3. You have strong knowledge of Frontend frameworks (on of React, Vue or Angular)
  4. You have experience working with CSS frameworks like TailwindCSS or Bootstrap. You know how to implement UI that catch the eyes.
  5. You have strong knowledge of any backend framework (ExpressJS, NestJS, SailsJS)
  6. You have sound judgment across frameworks and are familiar with various databases. You are pragmatic, not dogmatic, and are aware of the strengths & weaknesses of your tools.
  7. You enjoy breaking down complex problems into small tasks and PRs to deliver value safely and incrementally.
  8. You have a growth mindset that applies to yourself and your team. You are excited to learn and show how to improve team standards, practices, and tools.
  9. You consider testing, monitoring, and observability first-order priorities. Until your code runs in production and returns the results and metrics you expect, you know your work isn't complete.
  10. You are energized by working in a highly collaborative environment at a customer-driven startup. You see software engineering as a team sport and like collaborating with fellow engineers, product managers, and others to deliver customer value.
  11. You have experience with unit and integration testing. You believe in testing your work and seek to automate your testing whenever possible.
  12. Good understanding of serverless technologies.
  13. You have working knowledge of Docker, Docker Compose
  14. You are a skilled engineer who has taken the lead around an individual story or a large epic. You take pride in the code you create and strive to produce high quality, accessible, and performant user experiences.
  15. You are very comfortable writing modern, functional JavaScript.
  16. You strive to design modular frontend architectures. You consider the task at hand while also recognizing the impact it might have on the larger system as a whole.
  17. You have experience with unit and integration testing. You believe in testing your work and seek to automate your testing whenever possible.
  18. You are empathetic and desire to work on a well-functioning and communicative team. You set a high bar for yourself and engage with and support your team to be the best that they can be.
  19. You understand the importance of collaborating with and helping your fellow engineers, product managers and others to deliver customer value.

About the Company:

Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

Crimson is best defined as an organization that encourages innovation, employs creativity, and implements invention of nascent yet brilliant ideas, out-of-the-box strategies, and creative renditions of minds that work together to progress steadily.

Company Profile

Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. provides Editorial Services to individual clients and corporate customers worldwide. We have over 40,000+ clients spanning more than 89 countries. Under the brands Enago, Voxtab, and Ulatus, Crimson works with a pool of highly skilled freelance professionals and a dynamic and constantly growing in-house team.

We provide specialized services to researchers, journals, and information specialists from various fields including medicine, biomedical sciences, physical sciences, and humanities.

Crimson€™s Hall of Fame

A constant winner in the publishing industry, Crimson has grown from strength to strength.

- October 2014: BIZZ 2014 Award for Business Excellence and Excellence in Quality Management
- July 2013: Crimson won the much coveted 'India SME Heroes Challenge' initiated by FICCI and Google India.
- October 2012: Crimson won the revered World Quality Commitment Award in the Gold category.
- January 2011: Crimson won the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Global Award for 2010. November 2010: Crimson was announced the proud winner of the renowned Red- Herring Asia Award.
- March 2009: Sharad Mittal, CEO, was honored with the revered Indian Achievers Award for Corporate Leadership by All India Achievers Foundation.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certified for Information Security Management.

Life at Crimson

Crimson is renowned the world over for its innovation but it is also famous for its excellent work culture. The company does not believe in any run-of-the-mill ideas endorsed by the corporate world. What it does endorse is unlimited enthusiasm to learn, uninhibited creative ideas to share, and unified energy that runs in the framework of the organization.

Crimson boasts a plush work area with fully equipped work stations for all employees, a state-of-the-art pantry with a much favorite coffee vending machine, a reading room with a back and foot massager that offers a quite sanctuary to all in need, and several conference and meeting rooms to add to the galore. To know more about Crimson benefits, click here:

The organization strongly believes in having fun to appreciate and laud the hard work that its employees put in. The Crimson Annual Awards Night is always a winner in this respect. Several monthly events also add to the element.

Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. believes that success comes to those who walk the path leading to it. Crimson is a progressive organization that believes in its employees and offers a platform for growth, appreciation, and a successful career.

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