Translator and writer needed for academic research and marketing content

Tokyo, Tokyo   |   Part Time

Writers needs to write blog posts related to academic research, content for our website, and text for promotional materials such as flyers and brochures. Also, making appointments with academic researchers, interviewing them, and compiling them into articles.

There are two main pillars of work.
1. Creating blog posts, webinars, and service content
A staff member of the marketing department (Japanese or Indian) will provide English original manuscript by e-mail for you to translate into Japanese. If we simply translate it into Japanese, it will not be readable by Japanese readers, so you rewrite it sometimes drastically by adding information from the Internet, changing the sentence structure, etc., to create high-quality Japanese articles/contents.
2. Interviews with academic researchers
We make appointments with research laboratories that we do business with, or with people who are attracting attention in the academic world, and go out to interview them or on Zoom. You will also be responsible for taking photos and videos. You will transcribe the interview tape and compile the interview article.

Advantages of working with us:

Very flexible to work! Plus, you get to learn English!
Based on the idea of "making it easy to work according to each individual's lifestyle," we have created a work environment that supports flexible work, including remote work, mobile offices, shortened working hours, and flexible work hours. Currently, we have four mothers who are raising children and working at their preferred days and hours.
Another advantage is that you can polish your English skills through your work.
Our company is a foreign-affiliated company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. In the beginning, your Japanese seniors and supervisors will guide you carefully, but once you get used to it, you will be able to communicate with Indian staff. It is no problem if you can read and write English, but if you wish to strengthen your English conversation skills, you can further improve your English through your work by having conference calls with Indian staff and participating in training at the Indian headquarters.

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